noise pop


1/22 どついたるねん@仙台SHAFT 客入れ・転換BGM

1.Sound System / Operation Ivy

2.In The Clear / Cap'n Jazz

3.Swimsuit Issue / Sonic Youth

4.Three Girl Rhumba / Wire

5.Funky Boss / Beastie Boys

6.Clap Your Hands / A Tribe Called Quest

7.Philosophy Of The World / The Shaggs

8.Sanddollars / Why?

9.黒い風 / Passing Truth Drive

10.Ergot / Big Black

11.Sold Out / Gang Green

12.Ocean / Sebadoh

13.Tied Up in Nottz / Sleaford Mods

14.Lady Godiva's Operation / The Velvet Underground

15.GRIFTED / Literature

16.Comfort / God Is My Co-Pilot

17.Teenage Time Bomb / Dub Narcotic Sound System

18.I Don't Care / The Boys

19.ミルク / BREAKfAST